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At Bombay we have a well protected shallow inner reef site, ideal for Scuba training and for PADI Discover Scuba dives.

As well as frequently seeing white tip reef sharks, this site is also notable for the numbers of blue spotted stingrays hiding in the sand with just their eyes protruding.

More often than not you don’t spot them before they explode out of the sand and zip off at a high rate of knots.



A reef wall that drops down to 30 metres, covered in colourful soft corals, sea whips and fans, strangely reminiscent of the paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec. OK, maybe not, but it’s a lovely dive and you have to call it something.

There are shallow caves underneath that often shelter a sleeping nurse shark, morays in holes on the cliff face, banded sea kraits and , yep, the usual colourful array of reef fish and corals.


Perfect for beginners, great for the experienced diver, Stingray includes what must be one of the shortest boat rides to a dive site anywhere in the world – under 20 seconds at low tide! (High tide does add an exhausting 15 second extension to the trip)

Starting very shallow, there is a resident school of barracuda in the bay, so many lionfish spotting and stalking their prey that after a while you can start ignoring them and concentrate more on the snapper, trevally, angels, butterflies, goat fish, flash coral and white tips.

Purple Haze

The walls of this dive site are thickly carpeted with soft corals which blossom in the current. Whilst there is a rainbow of different colours, here it is the purples, plums and violets which dominate, hence the name of the site.

There are also big gorgonian sea fans, bright red in the glow of lights, white and black fans and sea whips. Around and amongst the coral there are an array of reef fish such as golden and purple anthias, zebra angelfish, clown triggerfish, oriental sweetlips, unicorns, bannerfish and an incredible variety of butterflyfish.

Bigfoot and Sundance

A wall dropping down 60 metres, with curling encrusting corals, waterfalls of fusiliers scattered by predatory trevally and snapper and a cave with a balcony frequented by hawksbill and green turtlesSun Dance diving in Fiji .

Shallower, the reef is pierced by crevasses and gullies that we can swim through into a pool of light where there is prolific hard coral growth, then a tunnel through the reef to ‘Sundance’.


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