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Perfect for beginners, great for the experienced diver, Stingray includes what must be one of the shortest boat rides to a dive site anywhere in the world – under 20 seconds at low tide! (High tide does add an exhausting 15 second extension to the trip)

Starting very shallow, there is a resident school of barracuda in the bay, so many lionfish spotting and stalking their prey that after a while you can start ignoring them and concentrate more on the snapper, trevally, angels, butterflies, goat fish, flash coral and white tips.

We have also been lucky enough to see the prehistoric-looking shovel nose ray here four or five times. The dive ends on a bommie called ‘Nemos’ – covered in anemones and clown fish, as the name suggests, but also home to stonefish, leaf scorpionfish and a school of particularly dozy looking vermiculated rabbitfish. No idea what vermiculated means, mind you.


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